Monday, October 21, 2013

Finding Inspiration Again

 Blogging has been pretty low on my list as of late. Come to think of it, everything has been pretty overlooked these past months . . .

 I guess that's what happens when you are a soon to be mother of four who is 7 months pregnant and feels ready to pop any minute! This sweet baby boy growing away is scheduled to arrive anytime around the holidays this year. I am officially due on Jan. 8th but my last two were both 2 weeks early so we are looking at a very special Christmas this year! 

 This has been an especially challenging pregnancy for me. I have asthma and as baby grows it gets much worse. I find myself often spending my days napping, catching up on movies and having tea parties with little Miss Evangeline. 

 As for the business, I have had to really slow down and just work as I am able. I did however find some inspiration for these new creations from simply spending some time looking through pictures of our goodies from the past years. These and many others are now available on our site! It felt so good to create again after what felt like a long, dreary break.

Here is a recent photo of Evangeline's 2nd birthday trip to the Museum of Natural History. She is very much into dinosaurs these days and we had a great time! My babies are growing up so fast! It's hard to believe soon we will have another baby boy to complete our family. I just have to remember to slow down and always take the time to cherish each moment together.

Have a wonderful week!