Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frozen Charlotte Dolls

I am currently overrun with a rather large variety of Frozen Charlotte Dolls. I was fortunate enough to receive a shipment from Germany over the weekend and am just in love with all these sweet little girls.

There are all shapes, sizes and conditions, many of which are perfect for incorporating into art projects.

I have them tucked into every basket and bowl I can find!

The little ones are tucked into boxes and are just so adorable. As much as I adore them I plan on parting with the vast majority and let others enjoy playing with them too.

They will be available here for purchase very soon!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Ready For Baby

We are starting to get ready for our new little girl who will be sharing a room with her big sister. We began by painting and then putting up the crib. We still have a ways to go and lots of empty wall space but we are well on our way!

While I forgot to take before pictures, I did manage to get a few photos of my hubby and daughter painting. It was originally an off white with brown closets and beige trim. This is the oldest bedroom in the house (1915). It has very high ceilings and has had a few renovations done before we moved in. We did put in new carpet and now finally paint!

Francesca had so much fun helping out!

Even I got in the fun, painting the closet. Looking at this picture I just noticed my "baby bump" has grown quite substantially from when this was taken just 3 weeks ago. Yikes! This paint by the way was wonderful! Almost completely odor free! We used a blush pink for the walls and marshmallow white for the ceiling and trim. I chose a soft green which I took from my daughter's bedding as an accent color for the closet and switch plates, etc.

A few after pictures.

Mr. Leo had was very curious throughout the entire process.

Francesca's bed. . .we have lots of wall space to fill and I am hoping to do a bit of treasure hunting this coming week. I also want to get a pink chandelier for the lighting.

The baby's crib. . . I considered painting it white but that just seemed like too much work at this point. I actually like the way it looks as is. Our other children used it and it is still like new! It also converts into a daybed which is nice for the toddler years.

I absolutely love this quilt!! So soft and vintage. I am going to create an eyelet dust ruffle and we still need a mobile but at least it is a start!

Love this super soft ruffly pillow.

Starting to get a few things for her!

My favorite piece of all is this beautiful hand crocheted baby blanket my sister made. She is so talented! I can't wait to snuggle up with my little one this coming Winter.

Thanks so much for visiting! Have a wonderful week!