Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frozen Charlotte Dolls

I am currently overrun with a rather large variety of Frozen Charlotte Dolls. I was fortunate enough to receive a shipment from Germany over the weekend and am just in love with all these sweet little girls.

There are all shapes, sizes and conditions, many of which are perfect for incorporating into art projects.

I have them tucked into every basket and bowl I can find!

The little ones are tucked into boxes and are just so adorable. As much as I adore them I plan on parting with the vast majority and let others enjoy playing with them too.

They will be available here for purchase very soon!


Snugglebug Blessings said...

They are darling and can't wait for you to get them listed. Hugs, Cathy

gail said...

Hi Carrie, what cute little dolls. I was reading some of your blog post.
Congratulations, I had no idea you were expecting:) And another little girl too! I hope you are feeling well. Take care.

(()) Gail

suzeeez said...

I could use a few of those frozen charlottes too :o) Sue

anita said...


Just amazing what you make ,your style is beautiful.
Greetings from vindutch girl.