Monday, November 9, 2015

A Little Update

I just wanted to give a little update on what I have been up to lately. It has been so relaxing taking time to just unwind and play around with the kiddos. We have spent time doing some Fall decorating and reorganizing everything from closets to bedrooms. I also have been working on our Winter garden, planting lots of veggies with the help of my little ones.

We also have just gotten a wonderful new computer and a very cool desk with a bit of a steampunk/industrial style that I just love! With the speed of this computer and finally a large monitor I can see, I am starting to daydream about reopening this business I miss so much! 
I am slowly working on a new plan and am getting my creative bug back which I was so worried was lost forever. 
  This picture of our Leo sums up how I was feeling before shutting down a few months back. 
Now I feel recharged and ready to start anew! 

So for now the idea I am playing with is possibly a 2016 re-opening with lots of new Valentine's Day items. So if all goes as planned, sometime in January my site will be back up and filled with lots of wonderful new goodies! 
But for now, I will be enjoying the busy holiday season and spending time with those that matter most. 
Wishing you all many blessing!