Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where the wind takes me. .

Today I woke up wanting a different kind of day.

Maybe it was the blue skies and white puffy clouds, or the swirling winds . . . I just had that feeling like a change of pace was in order. I glanced over at the dress forms I have waiting to be finished and just groaned and curled up on the couch instead. You see, I have been feeling a bit frazzled, burnt out, tired, uninspired. . . you name it!

I looked at my 4 yr. old and said, "Today we play!" She of course squealed with glee and we proceeded to play with her baby dolls for a while. . which lead to a tea party picnic in the back yard.

While in the back yard relaxing the wind began to pick up which made me think it would be a nice day to hang out some linens to air dry. I proceeded to the kitchen and filled two big bowls, one with black tea bags the other with walnut crystals.
We (Francesca & I) grabbed everything we could find and began to play. . swirling around tags, ribbons, linens, muslin and lace in the tea and walnut crystals. This lead us back outside to hang the
m all to dry. . and play some more.

A few hours later our treasures were ready and we brought them in to see our work. I began to sort and stack the tags, and hang some of the ribbons up which brought me back to my workspace and reminded me of my dress forms sitting there staring at me. I picked up a fleur di lis stamp and some of the fresh dyed muslin and well. . .

I suppose this is what happens when you let the wind take you where it may. She in not quite complete but Joan (of Arc) is on her way!

Oh. . and I no longer feel burnt out, tired, frazzled. . . you get the picture.



Julia said...

One more beautiful creation! I admire your style!

TinyBear said...

Love all your tea dyed stuff and your dressform is so beautiful
~ Tina

Ginger said...

Beautiful job and your creative juices were flowing. I get that way also where I am stuck in the mud and can't be inspired to do anything, then I look at a piece of lace or a glitzy button and WOW, look out! Great job.


Ozma of Odds said...

...can we say lovely??!!!
I am so inspired ~ You had me with the hanger full of hand dyed pretties...now I wish to have a Joan of Arc of my own!! Love her!!
xo, Rosemary

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Well you have inspired me. Love all the wonderful tea dyed goodies. Its so fabulous when we follow our hearts and we include our kids how super. I think I will do that with my son too! Glad you got to spend time with your daughter and make so many pretties for us to oo goo over. God bless. Cathy