Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vintage Lace Cuffs

 I have been spending my days at the sewing machine lately which is something I haven't gotten to do in many years. Usually I am busy working with paper and glue but after being asked to create cuffs and anklets for a store I have fallen in love with sewing again!
 These are just a few of the vintage lace cuffs and anklets that are shipping out to one of our stores we create for.
 I also have listed some on our site and will be doing made to order versions of these and others!
 I have many other ideas for new sewing projects just as soon as my two older kiddos get back to school in a few days.
 I'm looking forward to having a routine again and more time to create but I sure will miss having them home and all the extra help around the house has been wonderful!
 Thank you for stopping by and happy Wednesday!


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augcott said...

Wow ... they're beautiful!!!
So glad I found your blog.