Friday, September 17, 2010

A Creative Moment

I have spent the last few weeks working on filling wholesale orders. Mind you I am forever grateful for the opportunity to do this and while it is enjoyable, it is not the same as simply sitting down and creating because you simply must or you will burst!

I forced myself to take some time and just have fun. As I sat and began wrapping bits of lace around tags and stamping here and there it was as though this pent up energy was being released.

I love how you get in a rhythm and it all just sort of flows from there.

While I made several things these two "creative pockets" were some of my favorites. I used a chipboard backing from Melissa Frances as the base and just sort of built on them with bits of lace, vintage buttons, keys. . .anything lying around.

Now I can joyfully go back to wholesale for a bit longer. This was just the creative moment I needed!

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rosarod said...

Hello, What a wonderful blog not to mention their beautiful creations! I congratulate you for being an inspiration for many women and sharing your beautiful art!! Rose Marie blessings