Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How To: Kissing Balls

Recently I was given these small green moss balls pictured below and was trying to figure out what to do with them. I decided to try my hand at making kissing balls. It ended up being a simple and fun project!

To begin with you need moss covered styrofoam balls in a size of your choice. The ones I used ranged from 2-3" in diameter.

I began with bouquets of parchment roses in white.

Cut the roses from the stem, you will need a fairly large quantity of roses depending on the size of the ball and the rose.

Using a hot glue gun begin attaching roses around the ball.

Continue working until the ball is covered on all sides with a small space left to attach the ribbons.

Choose some ribbons from which to hang your kissing ball or if you like you can leave them plain to fill a bowl or cloche. I used crinkled seam binding for mine. Dot a bit of glue onto the ball and using a straight pin attach the ribbons in a loop.

The finished product! I attached a little stamped tag to mine as well.

You can make these with a variety of roses for all seasons.
Try one for yourself or you can see a few of ours here!

~Happy Creating!


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Very pretty! thanks for sharing!

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Really nice project and seems fun to make! Thanks for sharing!


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