Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Finished Product

Here they are! I didn't think I would get them ready. . you see, I have a bad habit of starting one project and then moving on and starting another. You see the pattern. . . My distraction this time is something I am so excited about! A furniture makeover which I will begin very soon and blog as I go. I found an amazing old desk for $12.00 and a great chair for $5.00, but more on them later. Here are the journals.

The first one is actually an off white color, it looks a bit cream in the picture.

Next up is the soft rose.

Last up is the blue-gray, my favorite.
These will be available for wholesale in the color of your choice and will debut at the Dallas Market in January. I may also carry them on my site for retail as well. Thanks for stopping by and my next blog post is #200 so I'd better come up with something good. .. maybe a giveaway. :)


Lilli Blue said...

I love my journal. These are super pretty. have a fun time restoring the furniture. Pictures please!

Susan said...

Your blog is LOVELY!! I saw your name in Romantic Home.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Gorgeous Carrie! The first is my absolute favorite!
Happy Thanksgiving my friend,